Things you need to know about adylist agent

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Agent in adylist is a user who will post premium ads on adylist and can earn 10% commission(of premium ad price) on every premium ad posted. Any one can open their own ad agency and can earn commission. It’s completely free to join and easy to use. For more details please watch this video and refer following tabs.

Step 1:
  • Click on green color signup button given on home page of Adylist in search panel.
Step 2:
  • Feel all required details in signup page.
  •    Mobile number
  • Email
  •   Password

Step 3: Click on"Register" button to submit details (Note : Before submitting your details first read Terms and Conditions to become an agent carefully.)

Step 1:
  • Sign in with your username and password first.
Step 2:
  • Click on "POST PREMIUM AD" button given in header.
Step 2:
  • Choose right category and sub-category for your product.
Step 3:
  • Fill required details of your product.
  • Upload Pictures/Youtube links of your ad
  • You can upload up to 5 Pictures/Youtube links to make your ad more attractive
  • The first image will be used as a cover photo wherever the Ad appears across the site. (In case of youtube link video thumbnail will be used as cover photo)
Step 4:
  • Fill correct seller information (Here seller information means user's mobile number, email and name for whom you are posting an ad).
  • The ad will display to you and the user for whom you posted an ad after approval.
Step 5:
  • Click on"Save" button and make payment with instamojo payment gateway.
Step 6:
  • It will display a success message, "Congratulations! Your ad will be live soon" if payment was successful.
My Agent Account is your personal agent account where you can
  • View and manage your Ads
  • Update your profile and bank details
  • Modify / edit / delete / archived and publish your Ads
  • check your Payment details
  • Get Weekly post ads chart
Step 1:
  • Select Bank Details option from your profile section and than open Bank Details tab.
  • Fill required bank details and click on save button to submit (Using this same form you can submit your bank details first time or update existing details).
  • As soon as you enter IFSC code than it will show you verification status of your bank details in table like name of the bank, branch name and city or village where your bank is located in green text.
  • If your bank details is not correct than you will not receive any commission amount so enter correct bank details.
Step 1:
  • Select Bank Details option from your profile section and than open Request To Transfer Money tab.
Step 2:
  • If your earned commission value is greater than 500 you are eligible to make money transfer request.
  • Click on "Request To Transfer" button to request for money transfer.
  • On successful request it will display you success message that your request is submitted successfully.
  • After successful request our team will review your request and transfer commission amount to your bank account in 10 working days.
These are some terms and conditions which are applied to every agents when he/she make money transfer request :
  • Agent will receive 10% commission(of premium ad price) on every premium ad posted.
  • Enter correct bank details otherwise agent will not receive any commission from Adylist.
  • Amount will be transferred to agent's bank account in 10 working days if wallet balance is above 500 INR.
  • Agent will only receive commission for those ads which are active on Adylist and follows our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines.
Step 1:
  • click on Delete button to delete your ad (if ask for confirmation than select suitable option).
Step 2:
  • Click on Edit button to edit your ad and than chnage required details and click on update button to save.
  • It will display a successful message. "Congratulations! Your ad will be live soon"
Step 1:
  • select "Payments" option from navigation menu in your profile section to view your payment logs.
Step 1:
  • Select "MY PROFILE" option from navigation menu in your profile section.
  • Change required details and click on Update button to save.
Step 1:
  • Select Account -> My Profile -> Settings to change your password
Step 2:
  • Enter Password and confirm Password and click on "update" button to save your new password.
  • You will receive notification on your registered email address if your password change successfully.
Step 1:
  • Click on "Login" button given in top right corner of header of the website.
Step 2:
  • Click on "Lost your password?" option.
Step 3:
  • Select any receive verification code options whether Mobile or Email to get verification code.
  • Click on "send code" button to get a code.
  • It will display a success message if code sent successfully
  • Check Text Message or Email for verification code.
Step 4:
  • Enter received verification code to verify.
Step 6:
  • If your verification code is correct than change password form will be displayed.
  • Enter new password and click on "Change Password" button.